November 8, 2007

Product Liability Defense

Background and expertise

Since 1986 we have been representing and acting as coordinating or general counsel for manufacturers, distributors and retailers in recreational product liability matters throughout the USA and the world. This includes but is not limited to bicycles, scooters, electric and gas powered recreational equipment, helmets, ATV's (all terrain vehicles) OHV's (off-road or off highway vehicles), motorcycles and various human propelled recreational devices. The firm routinely handles or supervises cases throughout the USA and has supervised cases throughout the world for various insurance companies and self-insured corporations. We act as national coordinating counsel for numerous self-insured recreational product manufacturers/distributors. We routinely deal with assumption of risk issues, multiple defendant conflicts and joint defense issues, as well as defending against claims of manufacturing and design defects, failure to warn and breach of warranty, indemnity and release issues, insurance coverage questions, owners manuals and warnings, expert witness selection, product recalls, product testing and standards, inter-industry disputes and foreign law and service issues, in addition to many other issues, all within the context of defending recreational product claims.

Please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with industry references or examples of matters that we have successfully handled. Most manufacturers and distributors in the industry know who we are and much of our business comes from industry referrals. If you are not currently facing a claim or suit, now is the best time to call us to get a jump start on a Product Liability Audit (to help determine your readiness to face a suit or claim) and if your company (or product line) is not ready, to get a "tune up" by utilizing our Product Compliance or Product Development Services.

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