May 10, 2019

Official list of goods and items affected by Tariff increase on May 10 2019 (part of China trade war)

For those of you that have been looking this is the complete 194 page list of all items that will be affected by the 25% tariff that was announced to take effect on May 10, 2019. (Tariff List 83 FR 47974 as amended and modified by 83 FR 49153) No telling how long this tariff will last. This is a searchable list. For example search for "bicycle" or "tire" or "rubber". Try a few different terms as your item may not be described in here in the same way you would normally describe it. This was the list of bicycle related tariffs from last fall 2018 when the tariffs went to 10%. You can use this old list (compiled courtesy of BPSA Bicycle Products Suppliers Assn) to cross check against the new 25% list above. This was the official announcement for the 25% tariff effective May 10 2019.

Clearly this can't last for long without having a substantial negative effect on the economy. Oxford Economics reports that the tariff hike will cost U.S. economy $29 billion by 2020 and cost the global economy $105 billion.

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