November 11, 2014

High profile helmet case against Citi bike

This is an interesting recent case against the very large and prominent Citi Bike operation in New York. There has been a lot of media attention on them.  Unfortunately it is not clear from the article what stage the case is in. Our research shows that it was filed February 27, 2014. I suspect that some discovery will need to take place before dismissal motions can be made on legal grounds. There is no discussion in the article as to what legal issues are at play. We will try to keep you posted on this case as it progresses. Additional dates we now know about are as follows: No party may make a motion for summary judgment until May 11, 2015 (this weill be a key date). Discovery is due to be completed by 2/9/2015. Expert witness discovery due by 4/9/2015.

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