December 8, 2008

Product Compliance / Development

In addition to defending product liability claims and lawsuits, we have also found an increasing need and desire by our clients, past and present, to counsel them on all of the issues that arise in product development and regulatory compliance and how these issues, and others uncovered in the midst of litigation, need to be addressed long before a product is sold or there is a claim.

This involves advising on various matters such as CPSC, DOT, NHTSA, CE, ISO, ASTM, and ANSI compliance (to name a few) owners manuals and instruction sheets, instructional videos, all forms of on (and off) product warnings, the use of inside versus outside testing and certification facilities, product recall scenarios and strategies (how to handle them, when to recall, different recall formats, partnering on joint recalls, etc.), product testing and standards (including the most effective testing methods/protocols and which standards to follow for worldwide sales, certificates of compliance and their distribution, etc.), supply chain issues and shipping, structuring world-wide claims coordination and consumer warranty programs, excess inventory issues, website design and compliance, and establishing product review and re-assessment teams.

We have assisted many manufacturers, distributors and retailers in developing compliance plans encompassing all or some of the foregoing elements. We have participated in seminars and written published articles on these and related topics. Call us and see if we might be able to assist your company. We suggest starting with a product liability audit to determine where your needs and or deficiencies might be.

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