November 8, 2007

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

The firm's coverage experience has been gained working for both insureds and insurers. We have been involved in coverage issues in many substantive areas including Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies, products/completed operations coverages, vendors coverage, international coverage (both from US and non US based insurers), claims made and occurrence policy issues, automobile coverage, homeowners coverage, and property insurance coverage. We have also been coverage counsel for Underwriters at Lloyds on professional liability policies. We are also familiar with declaratory relief actions, rescission, first party bad faith, aggregate impairment concerns, primary/excess coverage issues, tender issues, defense obligations generally and under California Civil Code section 2860, and agent/broker malpractice and coverage limitations issues.

We are often asked to consult with insured and their insurance brokers on the procurement of CGL coverage for businesses where there are issues dealing with Self Insured Retentions (SIR’s) and policy forms involving issues above and which coverages to obtain. We routinely provide insurance audits and review coverages in place for new and existing clients and advise on how to broaden or increase the scope and type of coverage for the insured as well as how to provide the insured more control over the claims and loss procedures.

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