December 3, 2004

Employment Opportunities

Contract Paralegal Position

We are seeking a contract paralegal for a unique position in a sole practitioner environment.

Educational Requirements: We are seeking a candidate who has obtained their paralegal certificate from a California ABA accredited school within the last 3 years or will obtain the certificate within 1 year from applying for this position. We strongly favor a candidate with a BA or BS. A degree in a “hard science” like mechanical engineering is a plus.

Job Skills Desired: We would prefer a candidate who is mechanically inclined and has experience riding and or maintaining bicycles. (many of the firm’s cases deal with bicycle and other recreational product liability matters). We would also prefer a candidate very familiar with civil litigation, discovery, legal research, medical records, subpoenas, and engineering records as well as a candidate who has worked for an insurance claims department. (The firm also acts as a third party administrator for many companies.)

Computer Skills Required: We require that all candidates have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel. We also use Adobe Acrobat PDF forms and files and Eudora or Gmail so a good working knowledge of those applications would be advantageous. Ninety percent of written communications with clients and opposing counsel is via email. All research is done via high speed fiber optic network internet connection, so familiarity with web based research on a variety of topics is required. A typing speed over 55 wpm is a plus.

Hours: We are flexible on hours and days worked, but the office is typically only open Monday-Friday from 9-5. Depending on the circumstances we may offer part-time offsite working options. We would prefer that a candidate be available 15-20 hours per week (m-f). The hours needed will vary with workflow.

Hourly Rate: Negotiable and depends on experience and qualifications.

How to apply: Email is preferred using the email on our website. Please use the subject line “paralegal position”. Also email a current resume (in MS Word or Word Perfect format) detailing your relevant experience. Please indicate where you saw this offer.


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